Moola is a simple gaming site that has the opportunity to make money. Here you can earn money by playing against other players who are members of moola around the world with a one-on-one game system. First you register moola. You will be given a capital of $ 0.01. This money is used to place bets if you are going to play a game that you can choose for yourself. The moola system will automatically find players as your enemies according to your level. Every time you win the game, your level will increase as well as the value of your bet. The higher your level and bet, the more value of money you can save in your account which you can then transfer to a paypal account (if you don’t have a paypal account).

If you lose the game and your nominal money runs out, then Moola will automatically give you $0.01 of capital again.

How to register moola is:

  • First you log into moola (Click here) then you sign up to become a member by filling out the biodata form and email. If you have registered according to the instructions on the site, then open your email for registration verification.
  • You need credit card verification to complete registration so you can withdraw your money (withdraw) to paypal. For American citizens, verification can be done via SMS.
  • You can relieve stress by playing games on moola as well as having the opportunity to earn money.