Mojokerto City is located in East Java Province, Mojokerto is a special city in Indonesian history. The city that used to be the capital of the Majapahit Kingdom, the great kingdom that united the archipelago. No wonder there are so many historical relics found here, both those that have been found and those that are still buried and scattered in almost all areas of Mojokerto. Along with the development of the Majapahit kingdom in East Java, it is not surprising that at this time there are still many centers of batik craft that continue to develop in East Java as one of the historical and cultural relics inscribed by the Majapahit kingdom. One area in East Java that still maintains and continues to develop batik from the legacy of the Majapahit kingdom is the city of Mojokerto. It is unfortunate that Mojokerto batik, which in the past developed quite rapidly, is now only a few people who still carry on the batik tradition.

The uniqueness of Mojokerto Batik lies in the names of the motifs that sound foreign and strange to some people’s ears. Mojokerto batik has 6 patented motifs, namely pring sapur, mrico bolong, gringsing scales, koro jointly, prone to inggek and sun. In addition to the six patented motifs, Mojokerto Batik also has another well-known typical batik, namely Batik Kalangbret. According to history, the name Batik Kalangbret was taken from the name of a village where the Duke of Kalang was killed who refused to submit to the Majapahit Kingdom.

Mojokerto Batik Motif Koro Renteng


Mojokerto Batik with Inggik-Prone Motives


Mojokerto Batik motifs mostly take patterns or motifs from nature around human life, such as the pring sapur motif which is a picture of a bamboo clump with dangling leaves, there is a peacock perched on a white base and blue bamboo stalks with black and blue leaves.

Mojokerto Batik Motif Pring Sedapur


The Gedeg motif collapses, the pattern is similar to that of slanted woven bamboo. Matahari motif is a batik motif that is quite special because many people like it.

Mojokerto Batik Sun Motif


Mojokerto Batik Red Sun Pattern


The grinsing scale motif takes the motif of fish scales surrounding a flower with a white base.

Mojokerto Batik with Gringsing Scales


The mrico motif is perforated, the motif is a pepper circle with a hole. Mojokerto batik motif mrico perforated used as the official uniform in government agencies in the city of Mojokerto and its surroundings.

Mojokerto Batik Motif Mrico Bolong


The development of Mojokerto Batik designs is also continuously carried out to increase the variety of motifs. For example, krizan flowers, bird motifs, pictures of Surya Majapahit (the logo of the Majapahit kingdom with a picture of the sun), the seat of the nine gods when meditating, the seat of the gods when they descend to earth, and the image of the mojo fruit itself as the origin of the word Majapahit kingdom.

Mojokerto Batik Krizan Flower Motif


Batik centers in Mojokerto are located in Kwali, Mojosari, Betero, Sidomulyo, Prajurit Kulon and Magersari.

The process of making one piece of batik in Mojokerto takes a long time, between one week to one month, because the process is still traditional, namely the written batik process. However, at this time, stamped batik and batik printing are also being developed.

Various efforts to boost the batik business in Mojokerto have been carried out by the local government. Starting from interest-free revolving funds, training programs, to marketing assistance.

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Source: Fitinline