Menu Navigation List

FOLLOWING here is the list Menu a must have in Blog Navigation , especially for the sake of Google Adsense and so that the blog also has credibility — looks professional, at least seems “serious”, not kidding.

Menu navigation is an internal link that contains links to Static Pages, can also be to Dynamic Pages, such as pointing to a list of posts of a certain label, and can also contain links that point to other blogs (external links).

How to make Menu Navigation several times CB share here. Just click Menu Navigation.

Reportedly, one of Google’s considerations in accepting blogs on Google Adsense is also the “completeness” of the following navigation list.

5 Menus That Must Be On Your Blog

Here are five navigation menus that must be installed on your blog to make it look professional and “serious” so as to build credibility in the eyes of Google and users.

Home. Front page. The number one navigation that must be on your Blog Menu.

About. It could be “About Me”, it could be “About Us” (for blogs with more than one admin/author). This “About” page contains the identity of the blog, the purpose of the blog, and the blogger. It can also contain a Meta Description so that it strengthens the Meta Tags of the blog in search engines.

Contact. It can also be “Contact Me” or “Contact Us”. This page contains how users can contact the blog admin, for example via email, telephone/mobile, social media, WhatsApp, etc.

Disclaimer. Rejection. Disclaimer is a blog admin statement about the contents of his blog in the form of a “warning” to visitors about the origin, source, use, and content of the blog. We can make it in Disclaimer Generator.

Privacy Policy. That is a blog admin statement about the “rules” or rules for using blogs for visitors. No need to feel complicated, just make it Privacy Policy Generator.

CB itself “combines” menu No. 4 and 5 in one page Disclaimer.

What if we don’t have the five menus on our blog? Yes…it’s okay, what’s important is quality content! However, as in the title of this post, the five menus are for credibility and in particular the interests of Google Adsense.


For business blogs, there are additional menus, such as SERVICES and PRODUCT, you can also add PORTFOLIO.

Menus such as About, Contacts, etc. created on a static page (Static Page). The method is similar to creating a post, but selecting the “Page” menu:

Click “Pages” > “New Page”

1. Layout > Add a Gadget > PageList


2. Template > Edit HTML > Enter into the Menu Navigation list which is usually under the Blog Header. (See the usual template installation guide provided by designers). Good Luck! (*