MEMEX Search Engine

CB is a little hesitant to write this MEMEX post. Hopefully Google doesn’t misunderstand and doesn’t judge it an “adult post”. MEMEX is a search engine (search engine) new search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.

He said, MEMEX is more sophisticated than Google! Sophisticated is sophisticated, but that’s the name you know….! Mbok yes don’t memex dong!!! The one who gave the name really doesn’t respect the Indonesian people this time! That’s why, hey Pentagon, know Indonesian too!!!

As reported from computer world, The MEMEX search engine was developed by the United States Department of Defense (Pentagon) through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). This search engine technology is claimed far superior from Google.

Mentioned, Memex is able to perform a deeper search task, even able to reach 95% of the search for information that can not be done by Google!

Memex is like the Google of the deepest, darkest parts of the web, focusing (for the moment). A tool called Memex, developed by the US military’s research and development arm, is a search engine on steroids. (Read: Memex: A search engine more powerful than Google).

This search engine is named MEMEX, a combination of words Memory and Index this. Designed to browse information that is not indexed on the internet, including being able to browse databases of information that are not displayed on Google and other hidden areas where criminal activity is actually carried out.

Memex will present information in the form of sophisticated infographics where the information is difficult for Google to find.

Back to the question, why should it be named MEMEX which has the connotation of “porn” in Indonesian?

Looks like I have to make a “summon” or “petition” here Change so that the name of this new search engine is renamed, don’t MEMEX please!

The name MEMEX connotes porn in Indonesia. The Pentagon had to find a new name so that Indonesians would not be “uneasy” when writing and mentioning it. Search on Google! Nice right…? Try…search it on Memex! Isn’t that awkward?

Imagine if this Memex provides a blog too. Just imagine… let’s blog on Memex! Isn’t it nice to say?

Googling! Isn’t it delicious? Memexing…??? Hadooh…. CHANGE MEMEX name!!!! Support this petition so that it reaches the ears of the United States Department of Defense! (*