Remembering the batik maestro Iwan Tirta reminds him of the classic batik motifs that he brought back. The noble motif that is so identical with him seems to be a trace that is passed down to the next generation. As seen in the design of Iwan Tirta Private Collection on the Dewi Fashion Knights stage which was the closing of the 2015 Jakarta Fashion Week event. The theme of Hasta Brata, a philosophy of leadership in the universe, is outlined in 12 batik designs with the Banana Bali Manggar motif on the Truntum background, which means past, present, and future.

The Banana Bali Manggar motif which has the meaning repeatedly and Truntum as a picture of loyalty is an implementation of the Hasta Brata philosophy. Often interpreted as the eight corners of the gem, Hasta Brata is a symbol of the eight elements of the universe, namely Bhumi (earth, wisdom), Surya (sun, source of life), Chandra (moon, encouragement), Angkasa (sky, sincerity), Maruta (wind, spirit). act justly), Samudra (sea, cool and giving love), Dahana (fire, firmness and authority), and Kartika (star, guide and role model). These eight elements are the values ​​and behavioral guidelines that a leader or king should have.

The inggil batik motif with the dominance of black, sogan, and prada is applied in the form of a dress with a silhouette that forms the curves of the body and accents on the shoulders that resemble a cape. There is also a long dress adapted to the kimono model which is complemented by a classic cut men’s shirt by highlighting the play of motifs and colors.

Source: Fashionpromagazine