Materials on Environmental/climate Change and Waste Recycling – This material is one of the materials studied in SMA Class X. Hopefully this post can be a reference material for those who need it.

A. What is the environment?

What kind of environment is capable of supporting human life and the life of other organisms? Are the natural resources that are still available still able to support sustainability? humanist economy now and in the future? After studying ecosystem, let ‘s study about environmental pollution and waste recycling !
The environment is an important component that provides various needs for humans. At the beginning of civilization, at first humans only used nature to meet their needs. Abundant natural wealth, low level of knowledge and consumption are still able to provide basic needs for life. Human civilization continues to develop, the population is increasing, the level of needs is increasingly diverse, the development of human culture is increasingly complex, and the environment is no longer able to meet human needs. There have been various forms of shifts in the way of human life. Humans are no longer just relying on nature, more than that, they are starting to use science and technology to utilize and manage the environment
Many efforts have been made by humans to utilize and manage the environment through a touch of science and technology. All of this is done so that humans can enjoy life, no longer just doing life. This condition increasingly encourages people to continue to do things exploitation which is limitless. exploit, living activities and other production processes provide by-products that are wasted on environmental media which are often referred to as waste
Waste management sometimes does not get serious attention, as a result, it worsens the previously maintained environmental balance. The environment no longer functions as intended. Less realized that the environment is not only provided for humans, other living things are neglected. View Anthropocentric, beat everything. Environmental pollution begins to occur and eventually the environment begins to change and cycle gap ecological worsening the human environment. Will humans begin to realize their actions? To what extent have humans used science and technology to correct various forms of exploitation and imbalances in the ecological cycle?

Realizing the importance of the environment in supporting human life and the lives of other living things, let us conduct a study on environmental pollution, environmental change, and recycling of organic waste.

Types of Pollution or Environmental Problems That Arise
Wastewater, industrial discharge, sediment, organic and biological waste, port dredging, soil stockpiling, soil removal and reclamation
Pesticides, Organochlorins, Organophosphates, Carbamates, Fertilizers, sediment
Oil extraction, refining, transportation
Oil, dispersant and brine
Metals (lead, copper, nickel and arsenic) deposits; damage to coral ecosystems from sedimentation or exploitation of corals
Metals, particularly copper, zinc, nickel and cadmium
Organochlorin compounds from the bleaching process Chlori mercury (Hg) from producing caustic soda and chlorine
Colorants containing metal, especially Cd and Pb; Pesticide
By-products of the production of Chloride, monomer, Cadmium, plastic waste
Hot water, radioactive waste

Environmental pollution

What can you find from the two pictures above? If we look at the two pictures above, we will get an idea of ​​​​ Pollution (Pollution). Pollution is the entry or inclusion of living things, substances, energy, and or other components into the environment by human activities so that the quality decreases to a certain level which causes the environment to be unable to function in accordance with its designation. Anything that causes pollution is called pollutant.

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