Illustration of mothers doing mangrove tree nursery (

Mangrove cultivation in Rembang Regency, Central Java, has become an alternative income for fishermen’s families in the area for the past year following the trend of increasing demand for plant seeds to protect the coastal area. The chairman of the Sido Makmur Farmer’s Group, Pasarbanggi Village, Rembang City District, Suyadi, in Rembang, Monday (12/12/2011), said the high demand for mangrove seeds was still difficult to meet by his farmer groups.

“To increase the production of mangrove seedlings, we have begun to multiply demonstration plots (demonstration plots) of mangroves in coastal villages in Rembang Regency by involving fishermen’s mothers,” he said. Cultivation of mangroves, he said, will provide additional income for fishermen’s families because mothers who usually have minimal productive activities are able to do activities that generate their own money. “Moreover, the price of mangrove seedlings is quite good, reaching Rp. 700 per seed. In one request, it can reach tens of thousands of seeds,” he said.

He gave an example, demonstration plots of mangrove nurseries that have been successfully carried out include in coastal villages such as Pasarbanggi and Tireman, Rembang District and Tunggulsari, Kaliori District. “We plan to open new demonstration plots in coastal villages in Kaliori, Rembang, and Lasem sub-districts,” he said. His party is currently preparing 135 thousand seeds which will be ordered by Purworejo Regency (65,000 seeds) and Pati (70,000 seeds).

A number of districts on the waiting list include Kendal, Pekalongan, Cilegon, and Semarang. “Each area ordered at least 30,000 mangrove seedlings,” he said. He mentioned that fire-fire and rhizophora mangrove seedlings were among the most ordered because they were easy to grow.

Source: Jogja.tribunnews