Our batik so far is very rich. If we talk about batik in Central Java, then the motifs of Lereng, Sido Mukti, Sido Luhur, Kawung and so on, of course, batik with elegant colors, brown or tend to be dark. From Coastal Batik, emerge colors that are more ‘outward’, such as Batik Pekalongan which has several patterns such as a bouquet, batik ‘saga’ such as the motif with the story of the ‘Red Hat’ and so on which are rich in color. Likewise with Batik Lasem, which is increasingly popular with patterns and motifs that often have very smooth pores.

Among contemporary batiks, some appear with abstract motifs, motifs that are designed in a modern way, there is also Batik Fractal whose designs are carried out with technological sophistication but are still made using batik techniques using the canting and nglorot system.

Now, there is another Malay batik designed by Beda Batik in Yogya. Bright colors with motifs depicting Malay culture seem to be of great interest to many people. Continuing to use canting and the process like hand-drawn batik in general, this Malay Batik motif adds to the variety of designs in our batik world.

The variety of choices can actually make both traditional batik which has high cultural value and contemporary batik give many choices for the wider community to decide which one is their favourite.

Source: Fashionpromagazine