How to make readmore in blog I will automatically explain the latest in full here, whether it is in the form of a note or in the form of a button/button accompanied by picture ( image ). before entering the discussion it would be better if I explained a little about the benefits of this readmore.

how to make readmore on the latest blog

main benefit make readmore This is to limit the side of the writing, so that the next piece of writing can be read by clicking the readmore button or the readmore note. use the benefits of readmore we can maximize the main page of the site (blog), so that the main page can display more and more articles. actually bloggers have made it easy to make readmore, but many are not happy and want to modify it to use image. Therefore, I can explain how to make readmore on the latest blog automatically using picture (images).

How to Make ReadMore on Blogger

1. As usual, login to blogger account You

2. click design

3. specify change html

4. put a tick/check the box expand widget templates

5. look for the code (use ctrl + f to lighten the search)

6. then enter the code below under the code