Auto Read More Blog Net Example

How to Make Auto Read More on the front page of a magazine style blog plus the Latest Featured Posts.

WHICH meant Auto Readmore plus Featured Post the latest post is that it looks like a featured post, ie with large images and more summaries. While other posts are small, uniform, in the post box (box post).

1. Templates > Edit HTML

2. Blogs that have autoreadmore, first delete the codes by making the front page post full of posts. (Tips: How to Delete Auto Read More )

If it’s done, the display is full posting, do the following steps.

Make Auto Read More with Featured Post Latest Posts

1. Find (Ctrl+F) the code
2. REPLACE with the following code:

Read More »< /a>

3. Find the code

4. Replace with the following code:

Read More »< /a>

5. Copy the following code above the code

6. Copy the following code again below the code above:

If you are going to make changes (modifications), for example the size of the image (thumbnail image) and the number of words summary (summary) posts, change the size figures / word count below:

posts_no_thumb_sum = 290;
posts_thumb_sum = 240;
img_thumb_height = 80;
img_thumb_width = 80;

first_no_thumb_sum = 580;

first_thumb_sum = 450;
img_thumb_height1 = 145;
img_thumb_width1 = 165;
width: auto;
height: 250px;
width: 46%;
height: 230px;

That’s how to make a unique auto readmore with the latest posts appearing like featured posts on the front page of your blog. Overall the homepage looks similar Johnny Wuss Series. However, the NJW front page view mah using code or other methods that are different from the tips above. Good Luck! (*

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