My boyfriend’s name is Sumini, but he really insists on being called Love. He unilaterally claimed that Cinta AADC was similar to him, not him who resembled Cinta AADC. In fact, with Sumini’s super menor make-up, and her sadistic body, she looks more like Anisa Bahar than Dian Sastro. Even when his tomboy looks worse, he looks more like Dian Sidik!

At first I was reluctant to call him Cinta, I wanted to throw up a trident, since he gave me a royalty of 20 thousand pulses per month, so I wanted to call him ‘Cinta’, so I accepted this collaboration. TV mat!

To my annoyance, this year Cinta is an all-out fan of the artist Rio Dewanto. Every time I see him, he only talks about Rio. Photos of Rio perched handsomely from the bedroom, bathroom to the ceiling. As for my photo, it’s just a base for clothes and a bra in the closet, how crazy I am. When it’s Eid al-Fitr, my jumbo-sized photo is used by Cinta’s family, for fans to grill the sacrificial meat.

Honestly, I also have an idol artist, but not to that extent. And compared to my idol, Rio’s fame is just the tip of a koala’s nose! My idol is far more movies! I’m actually stressed. Do you want to protest, but it’s weird when you flirt with artists? I’ll think it’s just because I’m not handsome. It’s not just that he’s not handsome though. Lose gambling too often! And after being investigated by my FBI agent, it was revealed the cause of all this, it turns out that Cinta is so crazy about Rio just because of her tattoos! Setdah!

I immediately made a tattoo with a pen. My left arm has a tattoo that says I Love Mom. The right arm says C&R. Cool! I’m showing off to Love.

“Look, Cint, my tattoo is cool, bastard, right? C&R? It’s not as bad as Rio’s.”

“Cool from hongkong!”

“From Pekanbaru and its surroundings Cint, not Hong Kong?!”

“C&R? Check & Ricek, how cool is that? Just copy the tipi show…”

“This means Love & Rama. Our name is Cint. Let’s be honest if this is cool, it’s a sin you know…

Whoops! Love throwing up tacks.

“Still cool under that!”

“This isn’t Cint’s tattoo, it’s my scars!!!”

“Besides, why do you tattoo ‘I Love U, Mom! Not really a boy!”

I’m devastated! Go home. At home, make a skull tattoo. Crossed human bones. But people who see my tattoo run away, they think I’m poisonous. I deleted it again, I replaced the image of a fish skull. I’m tired. Fall asleep. When I woke up, my fish skull tattoo wasn’t there?! Ha! Never mind being eaten by a cat! Crazy! Is there a blunder? I need a psychiatrist! I went to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist is dead. I’m home. When he got home, the psychiatrist was alive again.

Crazy! I can go crazy! I swallowed sleeping pills, 5 pills at a time, it turned out that I was taking the kabe pill. But let it be, any pill, if the dose is too late, it will still make you high. I’m stuck! Inside the tepar, I dreamed of meeting Miyabi! I refuse! I don’t want wet dreams. I want sweet dreams. Then Syahrini stopped by in my dream. But only for a moment, because he was in a hurry to show to Argentina. Where’s Rio? I want to try a duel with him in a dream! If I win, I will challenge him in real life.

Wow surprise! Suddenly from behind a reed tree, my idol artist appeared, while dancing Indians approached me: “Hi Zuki Rama…

Can’t believe he even knows my name?! Is this a dream or not? I pinch his cheek.

“Ooow… It hurts!” he said.

He’s in pain! That means it’s not a dream!

“You’re so mean to pinch my cheeks?” he said as he hugged me, I hugged him back. He groped my body. I’m happy. What really. Ah let, the name is also a dream. And his lips began to naughty closer to mine, I was silent waiting, pounding at the same time impatient! And…

Cuih.. Cuih! I suddenly woke up! Frontal spitting. I wipe my lips with a mat. Is it true when I dream of kissing my idol artist?! My idol artist is Tora Sudiro!