This is the Zuck Linn story that is the most hilarious in my opinion. I don’t know what my friends think. So just read it.


Zuck and Linn one day ventured into a forest reserve. So fascinated by its beauty, they continued to enter the forest area deeper and deeper.

Forest Nature Reserve

“Cool, honey, the forest?”

“Yes, Mas. This forest seems to be still virgin, untouched by humans.”

“Salut deh the same principle to keep her virginity.”

“But don’t be too picky, or you’ll be your old maid, tan!” Linn spoke to the trees. And the trees didn’t respond.

They continued to explore further and further. Until I realized it was already late. And they wanted to go home.


“We’ve lost this, Beb…”

“Agreed, Mas. Let’s go! Now we don’t know where we are? What date is it…

“Mummy and daddy must be worried about us..

“Where the forest is very dark, this must be the place where lions, tigers, wolves and their cronies gather. Hii..

“Please… Please…!” Linn was screaming for help.

“Help meee!!!” Zuck also shouted for help but the English version.

“Mas, so that someone can hear, how about we shout in unison?” Linn made a suggestion.

Zuck gave a thumbs up. “Sip, Beb. You’re right. Let’s shout in unison..

Then the two of them shouted: “UNSONAL! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Unfortunately, until the sound was almost finished, there was no sign of anyone going to help them.

“What’s this Beb, I’m scared..” Zuck started to worry, being in the middle of the jungle alone when there was no one else, if Linn harassed him who would help?

“Calm down, Mas. You brought a map, didn’t you?”

“That’s the problem, Beb. I left the map at home, huuhuu..” Zuck was already crying.

“How are you doing?! If you want to go on an adventure, things like maps, compasses, gas stoves, you can’t miss that! Why is Koplok preserved!”

“I’m sorry Beb, I left in a hurry. How about we go home first, get the map..

Linn stared at Zuck’s face for a moment, then smiled broadly. “Wow… Your idea is really diamond, Mas! How come you didn’t do it earlier? Come on!”

Then they went home to get a map that was left in the refrigerator drawer. After that they returned to the forest where they had lost.

Finally, thanks to the map’s clues, they managed to return home safe and sound.


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