Liver function in humans – We all probably already know that in the body of living things there are several important organs in it. One of the important organs in the body of living things, especially humans is the heart. The liver in the human body has an important function. Do you know the function of the human heart? If you do not know the function of the liver in humans, then you must and are also obliged to read the following article because I will share knowledge about liver function in humans.

For those of you who have been studying biology for a long time, especially living things, surely you already know a lot about liver function in humans. But for those of you who have little knowledge about biology, maybe it’s still a little layman, therefore I will review about liver function in humans. Hopefully with this explanation from me, it can provide additional knowledge for all of us.

Human heart function

One of human heart function is as a bile-producing tool. However, there are many more liver functions in humans which will be explained in more detail in the description below. The liver is one of the organs of the body that has a very important function, therefore the liver is very susceptible to various types of diseases.

The human heart is the organ that has the most important functions. The liver is one part of the digestive system apart from the digestive tract and the liver is responsible for all the production resulting from cholesterol for filtering waste or waste. Because the liver has many functions for humans, therefore the liver must always be kept healthy, so that the liver can still carry out its duties and functions properly. The following is a more in-depth explanation of liver function in humans.

Liver function in humans

The liver is one of the largest types of glands in the human body. The liver weighs up to approximately two kg for the size of an adult liver. The location of the liver is in the abdominal cavity, more precisely under the chest or under the diaphragm. As explained above, that the liver contained in the human body has many functions. Below are some liver function in humans :

  1. The liver functions to get rid of harmful toxins in the body, such as alcohol, drugs, nicotine, and so on
  2. The liver functions to store vitamins and iron that are needed by the body
  3. The liver functions as a place to store glucose or simple sugar
  4. The liver functions to convert sugar that has been stored into a glucose or sugar level that falls below normal.