Diseases of the heart – We as living beings who are given reason, it has become an obligation if we are required to study. Seeking knowledge is not only limited to the knowledge given in schools, but we are also required to seek other knowledge, for example health science about various types of diseases that can attack humans and so on. One type of disease that often attacks humans is liver disease.

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. Liver disease, which is usually known as liver disease or hepatitis, cannot be taken lightly, because liver disease is a type of disease that has the most risk that can cause death in someone who suffers from it. Therefore you must know other types of liver disease, because liver disease is not only liver or hepatitis, but there are many other types of liver disease. If you feel curious about other liver diseases, then take a look at this article. Because here I will share a little information about liver disease.

liver disease

liver disease or what is also known as a type of liver disease is basically a type of disease that attacks liver function disorders, this results in a decrease in liver function and also failure of the liver’s working system. Liver disease or also known as liver disease is caused by several factors including the presence of toxins or also called toxins and some are caused by other factors, namely due to an unhealthy lifestyle. If you already know the factors that can cause a person to become stricken with liver disease, then it’s good if you also know the kinds of diseases of the liver.

Diseases of the heart

There are so many heart disease what you need to know. One type of liver disease that we know is hepatitis. Hepatitis is divided into two types, namely hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Hepatitis is caused by a virus. This virus will enter the liver or liver through food. Characteristics of people who have hepatitis are decreased appetite, nausea, dizziness, and changing the color of urine to brown.

The type of hepatitis B disease will be realized when the disease is severe because most people who have hepatitis B will not realize or do not feel if their body is developing the hepatitis virus, therefore people who have hepatitis B will know that they are sick when the disease is serious.