Indonesia is an archipelagic country as well as a maritime country. With this status, it is not surprising that Indonesia has many interesting tourist destinations in the form of beaches spread from the eastern end to the western end of Indonesia.

As reported by, Saturday (11/1/2014), here are the beaches in Indonesia with their natural and unspoiled beauty:

Pasih Uug Beach, Bali

Pasih Uug in Balinese means a damaged beach. In contrast to the meaning it has, this beach has become a truly unique tourist area and has such great appeal.

At first glance, the scenery presented at Pasih Uug Beach is not much different from the scenery presented in the Uluwatu tourist area.

The only difference is that in Pasih Uug there are no tourist attractions such as temples or monkeys. If you are looking for a comfortable and quiet atmosphere, this place is the answer because it is located far from residential areas.

Sawarna Beach, Banten

Located not far from Jakarta, Sawarna Beach in Lebak, Banten can be an option for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of a beautiful and still virgin beach.

This beach presents you with a stretch of white sand along the beach that is still very clean and looks “virgin”. The clear blue sea water is really suitable to make this place your dream tour.

Not only the white sand, you can also enjoy the roar of the waves hitting the big rocks at Tanjung Layar. Don’t forget, prepare a camera to capture the special moments that you do in this place.

Sawarna Beach is only about 200 km from the city of Jakarta and can be reached via 2 routes, namely through Rangkasbitung or Pelabuhan Ratu.

Pink Beach, Flores, NTB

Talking about Flores must be reminiscent of the exotic Komodo Island. In addition to Komodo, which is known throughout the world, this island also has a beach that is no less famous than the Komodo dragon. Its name is Pink Beach or Pink Beach.

From afar, this sand will not look pink but just plain white. Come to the shore and wait for the waves to latch on to the sand. The pink color will look darker than dry sand.

The pink color in this sand is a composition of coral, shell fragments and calcium carbonate from marine life that is there.

Pink Beach is an underwater paradise that makes anyone chuckle in awe. No need to dive too far because this beautiful view can be enjoyed only in a depth of less than one meter.

Sempu Beach, Malang

Another virgin beach that you can visit is the beach on Sempu Island, Malang. The location is on the south coast of Malang Regency and administratively belongs to Tambak Rejo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District.

Sempu Island is not far from Sendang Biru Beach. From the city of Malang, the location is approximately 80 kilometers and from the capital city of East Java, Surabaya, the distance is approximately 180 kilometers.

The main attraction of this beautiful small island is the Segara Anakan Lagoon which is located approximately 2.5 km to the south of the island. Tucked away in a ring of dense tropical forest, the approximately 4 hectare lagoon is a charming place.

The white sandy beach meets the calm blue water and is separated from the open sea because it is surrounded by coral rocks which will further add to the charm of Sempu Island. The water in Segara Anakan Lagoon is calm and therefore a perfect place for swimming. With its remote location and somewhat difficult to access paths, Segara Anakan offers an intimate and private atmosphere.

Adonara Beach, NTT

Adonara Island, an unspoiled tourist spot in NTT. The white sandy beaches and friendly smiles of the Adonara residents complete the beauty of the island which is located east of Flores Island.

To be able to go to Adonara, you must first transit in Kupang or Maumere. If time is a consideration, you can immediately travel using Transnusa or Susi Air flights that fly directly from Kupang to Larantuka, the capital of East Flores Regency.

Gondang Beach, North Lombok

Of the many beaches in Lombok, apparently there are still ones that are quiet and no less beautiful. This is Gondang Beach in North Lombok.

The journey from Mataram to Gondang Beach can be reached in 1.5 hours, with an average car speed of 60 km/hour.

Along the way, you can see beautiful views of the farmers’ rice fields which are partly being harvested. Then, you can see little monkeys when you enter Pusuk Peak. There the cool air began to feel and a lot of little monkeys lined up on the side of the road. They wait for tourists who throw snacks.

Slopeng Beach, Sumenep Regency, Madura

Slopeng Beach is one of the North Beaches in Sumenep besides Lombang Beach, this beach is located in Dasuk District, 21 km from Sumenep City Center. This beach has its own characteristics, namely the expanse of sand which is quite mountainous decorated with siwalan trees, coconut trees and also pine shrimp, so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of the sea on the north coast of Madura from these sloping hills.

Pok Tunggal Beach in Yogyakarta

The stretch of white sand beach with blue waves crashing on Pok Tunggal Beach really spoils the eyes. The Duras tree that grows shady on the shoreline is the icon of this beach. This tree, which is said to be difficult to grow, is highly guarded by the locals, so don’t be surprised if you get a warning if you climb the tree.

But the real charm of Pok Tunggal is the rows of rock cliffs that stand proudly like a fortress that protects this beach from the outside world.

The perpendicular cliffs such as coral walls as high as 50 meters have the potential to be developed as a rock climbing sports arena.

Enjoying the beauty of Pok Tunggal Beach is not complete if you don’t take a moment to wait for the sun to sink behind the horizon.

Source: Coverage6