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Growth and development is a process experienced by every living thing. Growth and development are characterized by changes that occur in living things such as height gain and the functioning of the reproductive organs.
Growth is an increase in the number, shape, size, and function of cells due to mitotic cell division. Growth is quantitative, that is, it can be measured and irreversible, that is, it cannot return to its original size. It is usually characterized by an increase in height and weight in humans and animals. As for the plants themselves, there is an increase in height and stem size.
Light as a Source in Life (Paper)

While development is a process of differentiation (change in cell shape) of body cells to form certain structures and functions, it is a process towards maturity (maturation of cells). This development is qualitative, that is, it cannot be measured with a tool and is reversible, that is, it can return to its original state. Development is usually marked by the functioning of the reproductive organs in humans and animals, while in plants, flowers and fruit are released.
Growth and development is influenced by internal and external factors. Which consists of genes and hormones while external factors are influenced by nutrition, light, temperature, humidity, oxygen, soil and pH.
To find out more about the growth and development that occurs in living things, we observed plants that underwent a germination process for six days. where in that period of time there are changes that are influenced by the factors previously mentioned.

Formulation of the problem

  1. What is the mechanism of germination in seeds?
  2. How is the effect of light intensity on the rate of growth and development of germinating plants?
  3. What causes the differences in growth in mung bean, soybean and corn plants?
To determine the effect of light on sprouts, differences in growth in dark and light places, and the causes of differences in growth in green bean, soybean, and corn plants.

From the problem formulation that has been described previously, we think that light is very influential on growth, plants will be healthier/fresh, in contrast to plants in dark places, which will be in contrast to plants in bright places. Because there are three types of plants that we will examine, there will certainly be differences that appear in their growth.

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