Lenovo V560

Lenovo V560

Lenovo V560 Notebook Drivers For Windows XP

Lenovo V560 Notebook Drivers For Windows XP. Lenovo has been working hard on V560 series for elegant designe. The reason is obvious: Seen from a laptop is very important to the success of the professional user. “Laptops can speak volumes about your company. Should speaker presenting company sales figures on an Acer Extensa? It does not fit. Don’t risk your company’s reputation by flashing a cheap laptop at the client’s office.

Users to make a good impression with high-end, matt aluminum metal surface. In fact, you will see and feel the non-slip, cold and resistant surface. Smooth surfaces, tight fit and proper installed at the corners and edges.

Wi-Fi Link 1000 Intel network adapter supports WLAN in the fastest draft-n standard. A Bluetooth module (2.1 + EDR) has also been installed. A trio made by Atheros AR8131 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, which can communicate with the maximum speed gigabit switch.

Hard disk is equipped with ASP (Active Protection System). Similar airbag, sensors mounted notebook recognizes sudden changes in motion and parks read and write heads. The sensitivity of the sensor can be set with the tool.

Lenovo offers a special feature with the OneKey Rescue button. It is found in all Lenovo notebooks in one form or another. This call recovery solutions manufacturer in a state is enabled or disabled.