Lenovo G400s Touch

Lenovo G400s Touch

The Lenovo G400s is a semi-slim notebook. It’s not as thin as an ultrabook, but is still quite thin compared to most non-ultrabook notebooks on the market. This Laptop model is very “boxes”, giving the impression that is neat and professional. Laptop weight 2.2 kg, including standards for the notebook releases. Even so, the adapter is small and very light, even lighter than Lenovo’s adapter S110. So inside the bag, still noticeably G400s light

Accutype Keyboard lenovo is quite comfortable to type. But on the left side of the keyboard, on the number keys 1 to letter B, if the button is pressed a keyboard holder will get depressed, this gives the impression of a frail. In addition, the F1-F12 keys Fn function with Exchange. For some people, this may be quite disturbing.

For normal use is quite responsive. Middle-class Game quite smoothly, PS2 emulator (PCSX2), at 800 x 600, also fluent triumphant (without the limiter > 80 FPS)

Audio performance is quite good. The Speaker is on the front bottom side of the laptop. Loud and networking with Dolby Advanced Audio v2.

Lenovo G400s Touch Drivers For Windows 8.1 32bit