Latest Simpati Internet Package Price List

Just to keep a record of the Latest Simpati Internet Package Price List. CB usually uses Simpati when surfing outside the city. In the city wear XL and at home using Speedy.

Card Simpati from Telkomsel provides three internet packages.

  1. Ultimate Flash. The Flash Ultima package is a Volume-based data plan. Ultimate Flash Pack mem
    provide speed and stability with large data volumes. The amount of volume is different for each product (simPATI, Kartu As and kartuHALO).
  2. Optimal Flash. The Optima Flash package is a Quota-based data package. The Optima Flash package provides a fast, stable and controlled Internet experience at no extra cost. The amount of Quota (fair usage) is different for each product (simPATI, Kartu As and kartuHALO).
  3. Smartphone Package, Tablets & Modems. Smartphone, Tablet & Modem Packages are special data packages for mobile internet users with large data usage, such as for streaming (video or song), downloading (video or song), uploading (video or photo), etc. Smartphone, Tablet & Modem packages provide a fast, stable and easy internet experience anywhere.

Latest Simpati Internet Package Price List

Ultimate Flash Pack

  1. Daily (1 Day) IDR 2,500 – IDR 3,500
  2. Weekly (7 Days) IDR 10,000 – IDR 30,000
  3. Monthly (30 Days) IDR 30,000 – IDR 450,000
Latest Simpati Internet Package Price List

Valid from 28 March 2014. All of the above packages can be purchased with a one-time purchase (one time purchase) or subscribe (autorenewal) where the customer will automatically renew the package when the active period of the package ends.

The active period expires will be automatically extended if the credit is sufficient. But if it is not sufficient, then the subscription will be terminated.

Prices in each city may vary, please refer to the Package Price information at *363#”

How to Register for Flash Ultima Sympathy Package

  • Activities via *363#
  • Check Usage Status: *887#
  • Check Package Quota: *889#

For packages of Rp. 60,000, Rp. 100,000, Rp. 250,000 and Rp. 450,000, if the usage exceeds the volume provided, the customer will be charged Rp. 2.5/kb. Usage after the active period will be charged at the normal rate.

Remainder : 3 days before the package’s active period ends, you will be notified via SMS.

Other Simpati internet package details —Optimal Flash and Mobile Phone Packages can be checked on the official Telkomsel menu Internet packages.*

Latest Simpati Internet Package Price List