spaste-adnetwork -reviewSPaste is one of a kind ad network that pays publishers based on the share of not just links, but also pastes and codes using their paste service. Spaste pays publishers high CPM rates ranging up to $10.5. Publishers can cashout at any time once their account reaches $5. You can watch your earnings in real time. Not only this, Spaste also gives users 5% of referral earnings. If you refer your friends to Spaste and when they make money, you get paid 5% of their earnings.

SPPaste Network Details:

This Ad Network has not submitted their Proof of Payment as of now. If you have got paid from this ad network, you can send us a screenshot to support(at) with the subject SPate- Proof of Payment. We will update this field once we receive the Proof of Payment.
A unique way to monetize your contents, pastes and links. Definitely give it a try if you are using a shortener and want to monetize your online pasta and the contents you share.