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Kepik Sawah Warung is located on Jalan Godean Km 9, Gang Senuko, Sidoagung, Godean, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

If you start from the Yogyakarta symbol monument, go west, to Godean street, continue following that road, until you cut off the Yogyakarta outer ringrod intersection, still go straight. If you find a gas station on the left, in front of the gas station there is Dowa Bag (km. 7), from here not far you will find the WS department store on the right, after Pedro Pit Shop there is Senuko alley, go to the right of the alley (see Map below), not too far to enter, the location is on the right.

Front view of Ladybug Sawah Warung (

This shop is located in the middle of rice fields which is a different experience when enjoying a meal. The beautiful, natural atmosphere with the presence of the twinkling ladybugs became the inspiration for the presence of the Ladybugs in the Sawah Warung.

At Kepik Sawah Warung there are two types of places to eat, namely lesehan or sitting. The employees look friendly when serving in Javanese. Some of the main waiters such as cashiers and menu deliverymen use Javanese traditional clothes.

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Kepik Sawah Warung serves Javanese specialties with legendary recipes. As well as presenting various processed eels which are the food centers of Godean.

Sate legi gulo jowo is one of the mainstay menus of the Kepik Sawah Warung. The unique thing about this satay is that the sweet and savory satay is obtained from Javanese sugar. In the past, this satay could only be obtained when commemorating the Maulud of the Prophet SAW at the Yogyakarta sekaten event and also served a drink that was already rare, namely Sarsaparilla.

Bartender Jowo

Recommended Menu

Crispy Fried Duck (

– Various processed eels and river fish
– Sate legi gulo Jowo
– Gandon
– Garang tamarind
– Pletok beer
– Wedang bajigur

Variety of food and Pletok Beer

Best seller Menu

– Oxtail soup
– Beef ribs
– Various processed eels and river fish

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Map of the location of the Ladybug Rice Stalls in Yogyakarta

Ladybug Rice Stall
Jl. Godean Km. 9, Gang Senuko, Sidoagung, Godean, Sleman, Yogyakarta
Tel.: +62 857 4024 1306
Opening Hours: 09.00 – 21.00 (Monday – Friday)
09.00 – 22.00 (Saturday – Sunday)
Capacity: 150 people
Twitter: @kepiksawah