Kinds of infectious diseases – Types of infectious diseases are types of diseases that can be contagious or in other words can be transferred from one person to another and usually this is due to direct contact with the person with the disease or with other intermediaries.

Various kinds of infectious diseases at this time can be said to be very many types and this is generally caused by pathogens. These kinds of infectious diseases will be the topic of discussion in my article this time.

Infectious diseases

Type infectious diseases It is necessary for all of us to know because these types of infectious diseases can harm yourself and can also harm your loved ones and those around you. Infectious diseases can indeed be interpreted in so many words.

This type of infectious disease can indeed be transferred or infected to other people, things like this are usually caused by direct contact with sufferers, as I have explained above. Infectious diseases can also move through several intermediaries, one of which is a virus or bacteria that are all around us. Therefore, so that we can all avoid types of infectious diseases, there is nothing wrong if we all know and understand the various types of diseases that can be transmitted. For more details, you can listen to the explanation below.

Kinds of infectious diseases

In the explanation above it has been clearly stated that basically there are many types of diseases that can be transferred or transmitted. And on this one occasion I will discuss kinds of infectious diseases, as mentioned above. Here are some examples of types of diseases that can be transmitted:

  1. cholera. This type of cholera is usually the part of the digestive tract, especially the intestines. Cholera is mostly caused by bacteria, the bacteria that causes cholera is Vibrio Cholerae. These bacteria are usually attached to various foods so that when we eat these foods, the intestines will experience disturbances. The hallmark is experiencing diarrhea continuously.
  2. bubonic plague. This type of bubonic plague at first often attacks people who live in remote areas or people who live in rural areas. This is because usually people who live in rural areas pay less attention to cleanliness, both the cleanliness of their homes and the cleanliness of the food they eat. The bubonic plague is caused by the bacterium Yersinia. Therefore, if you do not want to be attacked by this disease, then you must be really diligent to keep the environment clean, that way you and the loved ones around you will avoid this type of bubonic plague that can be contagious.