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Kertalangu Cultural Village is one of them which is located on Jalan By Pass, Ngurah Rai No. 88X, Kesiman, Denpasar. Only approximately 35 minutes can be reached from Ngurah Rai International Airport, 20 minutes from Kuta area and 45 minutes from Nusa Dua area.

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This area is in the middle of a rice field area of ​​80 hectares which is still very sustainable and green in the middle of Denpasar City. Kertalangu Cultural Village is used as a land for conservation, education, research, recreation and community empowerment. Kertalangu Cultural Village also applies the concept of ancient Balinese culture, namely by offering traditional food, traditional snacks and traditional Balinese ingredients so that they don’t just disappear.

Nature Tourism Potential

  • Jogging Track, Kertalangu Cultural Village has a jogging track area of ​​4 km in the form of a cement track with a width of 2 m.
  • Fishing Pond, Kertalangu Cultural Village has a fishing pond area specifically for visitors who channel their hobbies and relax while relaxing with family.
  • Outbound, the outbound zone that is owned is a rice field area that the community owns. Outbound activities that will be carried out by visitors are planting rice and catching eels. To plant rice, tourists will be invited and taught how to plant rice properly and correctly by farmers from the local community.
  • Horseback riding, the Cultural Village offers tourists who want to ride horses while walking around this area, so they can enjoy all the sights. Tourists will be accompanied by instructors who are trained in their fields so there is no need to worry if there are those who have never ridden once.

Spa Training Potential

The Kertalangu Cultural Village Spa Training offers visitors how to make good and correct soap and spa products according to the existing dosage. Visitors will be given training by spa instructors who are experienced in their fields.

Potential Art and Cultural Attractions

There is a special stage for performing arts and cultural attractions. The arts and cultural attractions that are staged at the Kertalangu Cultural Village are the Kecak Dance, Barong Dance, and Joged Bumbung.

Craft Industry Potential

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The handicraft industry owned by the Kertalangu Cultural Village is very diverse, namely handicrafts making ceramics, candles, glass, garments, stones and glass products. Visitors can see firsthand the manufacturing process until all the crafts are finished. In addition, there is also the craft of making various sculptures from sandstone and making garden barrels from clay. There is also a typical Balinese house carving that will be exported later.

Culinary Tourism Potential

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Culinary Tourism, there is a special area around the Kertalangu Cultural Village that offers culinary tours of Balinese food, Balinese snacks, Balinese drinks, and various other foods.

Existing facilities

The facilities owned by Kertalangu Cultural Village Kertalangu Kesiaman Cultural Village are as follows, namely Parking Area and Parking Post, Meeting Place, Exhibition Place, Restaurant and Bale Bengong and Peace Gong Monument.

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Kertalangu Cultural Village
Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No.88X, East Denpasar Denpasar, Bali 80237‎
Tel.: +62 361 461 727
Opening Hours: 08.00–22.00