Kedai Rakyat Djelata is a unique place to eat that brings back Javanese cuisine from the past.

This shop is really worked on according to the concept with the old school theme or the old days. The old building is painted in turquoise green. At the front, which is set up like a terrace, there are several wooden benches and tables. The green walls are also decorated with several photos of food and drink menus that can arouse the appetite of visitors.

Kedai Rakyat Djelata (

All employees wear Javanese-style clothes, blangkon, thin white singlet shirts, and training (jarik) batik, which is the style of old maid clothes.

Another uniqueness of this shop is the place where the order is divided into three. In the front, for ordering food menus, while in the middle for ordering drinks menus, and at the back is a place for ordering bread.

Place to order various breads (

At first glance, it’s a bit confusing. Suggestion, must actively ask when going to order food. Because on the front, the menus that are displayed are only menus that are commonly found in angkringan. But actually, apart from the displayed menu, there are still several other menu choices, such as various noodles and snacks.

For angkringan-style food menu choices, there are various kinds of vegetables such as Oseng Kangkung, Brongkos, Klenjer Acid. Then there are Assorted Sate, Mendoan, Tofu Bacem and Sambal Terasi.

Brongkos (

As for fried foods, typical angkringan dishes, tend to be oily and served cold.

Fried Food (

Perhaps what is special at Kedai Rakjat Djelata is the other menu items such as toast. Toast is divided into two types, there is Babah Londho Grilled Bread (sweet), there is also Babah Brewok (Salty) Toast. Each type consists of several kinds of prices and options.

What distinguishes the toast here from the ones you usually find elsewhere is that the bread is coated with eggs first, so it feels softer and tends to be a bit wet. In addition, for sugar on sweet toast, use brown sugar. For the chocolate, Kedai Rakjat Djelata also uses grated chocolate instead of meises, so the taste tends to be more bitter because it uses dark chocolate.

Loentjheon toast (

The crispy loentjheon toast looks very tempting. The bread is also coated with eggs first, then topped with mayonnaise. This bread contains chicken meat, cheese and the most interesting thing is the sambal, using chili paste. It is quite unique when the taste of western cuisine is combined with the taste of Indonesia. However, this bread is worth trying. The salty, creamy, and spicy combination makes you want to keep eating the bread.

Ice Petakilan (

For dessert, try the Es Petakilan which is filled with mixed ice, only using bread, koko crunch, mashed red beans, and black grass jelly which is then drenched in sweetened condensed milk chocolate. The most dominant sweetness comes from mashed red beans. This petakilan ice is very suitable to be consumed in the midst of the heat of the city of Yogyakarta. Soft bread combined with crunchy cocoa crunch, and chewy grass jelly. Eaten together, it’s yummy.

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