Kampoeng Djawi is located in Gondang Hamlet, Caraggwulung Village, Wonosalam District, Jombang Regency, East Java. To get to the location of Kampoeng Djawi can be taken about 30 minutes from the Mojoagung Jombang highway.

Entrance to Candi Bentar Gate (http://www.panoramio.com)

Kampoeng Djawi is located at an altitude of 750 above sea level with quite fresh air surrounded by mountains and expanses of rice fields around it, strengthening the village atmosphere that blends with natural beauty.

You can see hills and several mountains, such as the mountains that are still included in the complex of Mount Watujuwadah, Mount Argowayang, and Mount Kojor. Perhaps the ones that are heard more often are Mount Welirang, Mount Anjasmoro, and Mount Arjuno, which are a series of mountains of Fire in the Jombang, Kota Batu, and Pacet Mojokerto areas.

Kampoeng Djawi is an ideal place to do recreation and have fun, release fatigue and the burden of daily activities and regain a sense of freshness within yourself. You will be carried away by the village atmosphere with a touch of Javanese architecture and culture that is soulful with the friendliness of the residents of Gondang hamlet, Carangwulung village, Wonosalam sub-district.

Recreational atmosphere equipped with outdoor activities facilities such as high rope, flying fox, ampi theater, swimming pool, target shooting arena, pendapa joglo, and can do rafting activities in Kali Boro (Boro River), off road, motor cross and mountain bike.


Lodging in Kampoeng Djawi is in the form of old houses purchased from remote villages in several areas of East Java, which were rebuilt in Kampoeng Djawi and there are 4 types of houses namely

1. Griya Dorogepek (2 units) Capacity 1 House 20 people.
2. Griya Joglo (1 unit) Capacity 8-14 people
3. Griya Majapahit (2 units) Capacity 1 House 2-8 people
4. Griya Jineman (2 units) Capacity 1 House 32 people

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Location Map of Kampoeng Djawi

Kampoeng Djawi
Gondang Hamlet, Carangwulung Village, Wonosalam District, Jombang, East Java
Office: +62 31 9246 3363
Marketing : +62 812 3183 9995, +62 851 0318 8883
BBM : 520A34D5
Websites: http://www.kampoengdjawi.com