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This chocolate village is located on Jalan Banteng Blorok 18, Plosorejo Village, Kademangan District, Blitar Regency. If from Blitar City the location can be reached via the city road that leads to Kademangan, until you meet the Kademangan bridge, turn left, go straight until you meet the Kademangan market, keep going straight until you meet the intersection towards Lodoyo (Mount Betet) then turn left. Follow the straight road for about 3 km. The location is on the north side of the road or on the left side of the road, close to the border between Plosorejo Village and Darungan Kademangan Village.

As soon as you enter the Kampung Chocolate tourist area, you will smell the aroma of chocolate around the area. You will find a chocolate drying area in front of the entrance ticket. To enter this area you are required to pay a levy for the development of a tourist area of ​​5 thousand rupiah per person.

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After buying a ticket for 5 thousand rupiah, you can go straight in and immediately get a view of the chocolate garden that has been arranged in such a way and there are several outlets that provide various processed chocolates such as chocolate ice, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate noodles. In addition there are also other food menu choices.

Usually, travelers, especially from Europe, like to taste the cocoa pods directly. Not infrequently they split the ripe cocoa that was just picked from the tree. In an unconventional fashion, they began to taste the cocoa. For some foreigners, fresh cocoa beans have a special taste.

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Local tourists are always dominated from outside Blitar, such as from Kediri, Madiun, Malang to Surabaya. In addition to displaying chocolate fruit, this place also provides ready-made chocolate in the form of bars or those that have been given additional sweetener from sugar.


The products offered include chocolate bars, chocolate candy, various chocolate drinks, to chocolate cakes, with the brand “Gusant“Until now, the marketing of processed food products made from chocolate has penetrated Malaysia and China. Meanwhile, for the domestic market, it fulfills demand from Surabaya, Bali, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Batam.

Educational Tour Packages

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For the Kindergarten level, he provides a visit or package price of Rp. 10,000 per child, for elementary/junior high school the package is Rp. 20,000 per child, the SMA package is Rp. 30,000 per child, and for general or family tour packages, Rp. 50,000 per person.

They will be taught about the cultivation and processing of cocoa plants, see the chocolate production process, how to decorate chocolate, and get to know the chocolate business. In addition, they also get chocolate drink facilities, and are even allowed to take home the chocolate they have decorated.

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Chocolate Village
Jalan Banteng Blorok 18, Plosorejo Village, Kademangan District, Blitar Regency, East Java
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