Jelekong Cultural Arts Village is located in Jelekong Village, Baleendah District, Bandung Regency.

The gate of Jelekong Art and Culture Village (

As if similar to Ubud Bali which is a repository of reliable artists from the artist Giriharja Jelekong, who is famous as an artist for wayang golek, painting, and a number of other arts such as Sisingaan, jaipongan, pencak silat, and others.

Atmosphere of Jelekong Cultural Arts Village (

Jelekong tourist village is certainly famous as a place for reliable painters in Bandung. The painting skills of the Jelekong people have been passed down from generation to generation from the painting artist, Odin Rohidin. It was from this Odin Rohidin that a painter’s village was formed in Bandung. Currently, there are almost two hundred families in Jelekong who can make a living with the production of these paintings. The prices of paintings from Jelekong are mostly quite cheap, but still have a quality that is not inferior to expensive paintings. Often Jelekong painters make paintings that suit the tastes of the market. Therefore, innovation and creation remain the main capital of the Jelekong painters.


Giriharja is located on Jl. Giriharja Rt 01/01, Jelekong Village, Baleendah District, Bandung Regency. The location is not far from the kelurahan office, which is about 500 meters from the kelurahan office.

Giri Harja is the name of a place founded by Dalang Abah Sunarya (late) in the 1920s, especially by preserving and developing the performing arts of Sundanese Wayang Golek, which can be called a ‘paradigm’ of Sundanese culture.

Giriharja Puppet Show Performances

In the media, the Giri Harja art family is also considered the ‘Sunarya dynasty’. Until now, in Giri Harja there have been four generations of artists, Dalang and Nayaga. Among them there are also famous and most popular cultural figures, such as Dalang H. Asep Sunandar Sunarya, Dalang H. Ade Kosasih Sunarya (late), and others.

Wayang is a unique art in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java. Its contents describe good and bad deeds. There are two types of puppets, namely Wayang Kulit and Wayang Golek. Wayang Kulit is a two-dimensional wayang also often known as shadow puppets. Wayang Kulit is more popular around Central Java to Bali.

Giriharja souvenirs

Wayang Golek is a three-dimensional wooden puppet and originated from West Java. The Wayang Golek game generally starts at dusk until dawn, the audience is free to watch as they please. The person who plays the Wayang Golek is called the Dalang. There are two types of stories presented in the Wayang Golek show, namely the Mahabharata story and the Ramayana story. The characters in the wayang stories are Rama, Sinta, Anoman, Ravana, Gatot Kaca Pandawa Lima, and others. Each puppet character has their own character. Wayang Golek consists of parts that can be separated.

Wayang Golek has perfect carvings, with beautiful and striking colors. Wayang Golek clothes are decorated with beads and batik. Some Wayang Golek have carved and painted leather wings. The making of the Wayang Golek is carved by hand so it looks unique. Puppet craftsmen use fur from rabbits to achieve excellent hair shapes and details.

Giriharja souvenirs

Giriharja Cultural Arts Package

The artists of Giri Harja, provide a variety of Cultural Arts, Crafts and Souvenirs (Souvenirs) which can be performed at various events as follows:

  • Puppet show: Shows or attractions, demonstrations of making puppets and assembling wayang (learning system or one package)
  • Traditional Ceremony 3. Kecapi Flute
  • Jaipongan
  • Gamelan
  • Clining
  • Sundanese Pop
  • martial arts
  • Rampak Dalang Little Boy or Single
  • Wayang Golek and Souvenir Crafts (souvenirs)

Painter’s Village

Various paintings from Jelekong Painting Village (

Along the main Jelekong road, hundreds of canvases will be presented on the right and left of the road. There are about twenty galleries along this street. The smell of paint that is still wet immediately smells when we enter this village. There are about six hundred painters who produce their works in Jelekong. Each of these painters certainly has their own characteristics in each of their works. This is certainly not a strange thing anymore residents of this village of painters in Bandung.

Various paintings from Jelekong Painter Village

Some of the typical paintings from Jelekong are paintings about rural panoramas, cockfighting, fruits, horse racing, koi fish, and golden carriages. This painting is not only marketed in Bandung, but has also spread to other cities, such as Bogor, Semarang and Bali, and even abroad, such as Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Several galleries in Bandung display paintings from Jelekong at a fairly high price. Many Jelekong residents really depend on the sale of paintings for their livelihood.

Calligraphy from Jelekong Painting Village

One landscape painting on canvas with a size of 135 cm x 40 cm varies from Rp. 150,000.00. Whether or not a painting is expensive depends on the size of the painting, the level of difficulty, and the paint used. Paintings are sold from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of rupiah. We can find works by the Jelekong painter along Jalan Braga. Along this road we will find paintings on display on the sidewalk. You can also directly visit Jelekong, which is in the Baleendah area. In addition to cultural tourism, there are various other tourist attractions around Jelekong, such as Goa Landak, Curug Batukarut, and Curug Cangkring.

Natural tourism

In Jelekong Tourism Village you can also find natural sites such as Goa Hedgehog, Curug Cangkring, and Curug Batukarut.


Jelekong Village is located in Baleendah District, Bandung Regency. It is located approximately 12 km from the city of Bandung, right on the right side of the Bandung – Majalaya highway. Jelekong Village is a sub-district area whose territory is divided into 27 Rukun Warga. The road access to Jelekong Baleendah Tourism Village is damaged for 600 meters in Margaluyu Village RW 14 so you need to be patient.

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Jln. Giriharja RT. 01/ RW. 01, Ex. Jelekong, Kec. Baleendah, Kab. Bandung
Tel.: +62 813 2015 5161 (Mr. Irwansyah, SE)