According to data from the next village, the ratio of girls to boys on earth is now 4:1, plus the gay population is increasingly spreading, making women increasingly have to compete for men. Maybe it is this data, which inspires many men to have polygamy or have one to four wives. Possible!

Even though when I tried to imagine it, it was really fun combined. Especially when it comes to honey level 4. Here are the details.

1. Don’t bother looking for friends to hang out with.

It’s the habit of mothers when they are unemployed, they like to visit neighbors’ houses, get together with other mothers, then chat about various things. Discuss food prices, talk to other people, discuss popular soap operas, or gossip about artists: “Oh, Ari Wibowo, how come he looks like Ari zuna, what’s the story, Jeng?”

Well, if you live together, of course you don’t have to bother and get tired of going to the neighbor’s house. Yes, if you have neighbors, if not? Enough at home alone huddled with the second wife, third and fourth. It’s more fun and has a more family atmosphere.

2. Can share tasks.

There are some wives who sometimes complain that they are tired of carrying out their obligations as housewives. Busy in the kitchen, at the well, in bed.

So, if there are four housewives in a household, how easy it would be for the household tasks to be done. As the proverb says, ‘heavy is the same as light and the same is carried’.

First wife housing section; sweeping, mopping, watering flowers, washing cars, fixing roof tiles. Second wife sexy children; take a shower, take them to school, help do homework. The third wife is sexy consumption; go to the market, cook, make coffee. The fourth wife is so hot; take care of your husband.

3. The house is crowded.

Even if you take family planning, if you only have two children for each wife, then how much is multiplied by 4 wives? Let’s get a calculator first. Yes eight!

Wow… You can imagine, brothers and sisters, how beautiful our house is with the voices of children, like elementary school breaks.

4. Make your husband Success Faster.

The husband’s success starts from his wife’s prayer. So…

Benefits of Polygamy

5. Can help each other.

If one wife quarrels with the neighbor’s wife, the other wives can intervene and jump into the battlefield to defend their people. It’s really fun and the chances of winning are bigger.

6. So have many hometowns.

When you return home, it’s like traveling around Indonesia. For example, the first wife came from Aceh, the second wife from Irian, the third wife from West Java, the fourth wife from Sunda.

In addition, when at home, a family can taste a variety of dishes; Acehnese cuisine, Irian cuisine, Sundanese cuisine, depending on the origin of the wife. Anyway, it’s an exciting storm of Kerispatih Mandraguna Simalakama! ^^