On Thursday (11/9/2014) night at the Hilton Hotel, Bandung, Muslim fashion designers from the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers (APPMI) West Java showcased their latest collection through a fashion show with the theme ‘Estructura’. In accordance with the theme, which means structured, the designers present a collection that is rich in details and plays on experimental pieces of clothing. All designers display formal clothing that is more suitable to be applied to a party. The following are the works of ten Muslim fashion designers APPMI Bandung, West Java.

1. Irna Pearl

Irna Mutiara displayed a long dress with velvet material and detailed play using beads on the front. The Head of Hijabersmom Communitiy also released his collection using satin and silk materials. Overall, the outfit looks elegant with a minimalist cut and pastel nuances. However, in some of his works there are clothes that have a touch of bold colors such as maroon.

2. Nuniek Mawardi

Nuniek Mawardi was also one of the designers who displayed his work at last night’s fashion show. Nuniek continues to play with the distinctive details in the form of patchwork. A robe with bright color shades dominates his work. Clothing cut batwing and layers are also visible in some of the designs. He displays eight new collections with a mixture of silk, chiffon, and cotton materials.

3. Malik Moestaram

Malik Moestaram displays a glamorous outfit using jacquard material. The touch of black and gold seems to dominate the latest collection. Layered stacked clothes are also seen in some of the designs. Malik presented a long dress, cropped jacket, and pipe pants in dark shades. Maxi dress with flare cut overalls seemed to adorn the collection as a whole.

4. La Melda

Another designer who colored the fashion show stage last night was La Melda. He released Muslim clothing with jacquard material and elegant batik with pastel colors. Embossed detail is visible throughout the collection. La Melda claimed to be inspired by the clothing of European nobles.

5. Anggisari Mawardi

Carrying the theme, ‘Serenity of Papua’, Anggiasari Mawardi launched a collection of bright colors like natural nuances in Raja Ampat, Papua. Yellow, orange, and green colors dominate his work. Print motifs with natural nuances also adorn some of the collections. The owner of the ‘Anggia Handmade’ label released a long layered dress, cropped jacket, and a dress with a flare skirt.

6. Evy Susanti

Evy Susanti released a collection inspired by nature on the island of Java. Broken white and green tosca colors dominate his latest work. Evy wears jacquard and chiffon material. Stacked layer cuts and embroidery and beading details make for a structured appearance.

7. Aam Laurisha

Aam Laurisha displays pastel shades such as light green and pink. She wears chiffon and satin silk. Layer pieces seem to adorn the entire collection. Some of the latest designs are also decorated with a cap attached to the back.

8. Nisa Tesani

Inspired by wayang, Nisa Tesani presents printed clothing with puppet images. The newest collection is thick with earth brown color. There are also mullet and layer cuts that use printing techniques. Overall, the design is dominated by dark colors such as brown, black, and red.

9. Yemi Sudibyo

Yemi Sudibyo plays with satin, silk, and woven materials. The entire collection is also equipped with materials attached to the front. Yemi’s designs are dominated by bright colors such as orange, gold, and purple.

10. Herman Nuary

Herman Nuary uses woven and transparent materials for his latest collection. Black beaded accents also adorn his work this year. Herman presents clothes with stacked cuts, wide sleeves, flare skirts, and cropped jackets for parties. The use of satin silk material makes the appearance seem glamorous.

Source: Wolipop.seconds