Spam Comments from Adult Blog Admins

How to Overcome Spam Comments from Adult Blog Admins.

ALMOST every day this blog gets an “invasion” of “spammy” and “modus” comments from the admin of the “so” blog and sells strong drugs for “soan”.

Of course, CB can’t publish because Google Adsense (GA) forbids any links to adult and gambling sites on blogs that join the GA program. So, instead of CB getting banned by GA? Yes, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can’t publish it…. 🙂

Read on: How to Register & Accept Google Adsense Terms.

There are also many spam, spammy, and “junk comments” comments that automatically cannot appear and enter the “Spam Comment” folder. It’s the same thing as a blogger, you know, he takes care of it, because bloggers do help bloggers with spam comments.

Before this post was written, CB deleted about 8-10 spam comments from the blog admin of an online shop that sells “drugs”. There is also an online shop blog “s*x shop”. Uhh…. scary!!!

Apparently, they are “trying” to find backlinks, link effects, or at least trying to introduce their “like” blog to CB blogs which are indeed… um… quite high Alexa Rank and PageViews!

The price of this CB blog is even estimated to reach IDR 1 billion, you know! 🙂 (Read: CB Blog Price IDR 1 M).

You’re also experiencing a hurricane of comments from the “Gituan” Blog Admin??? How do you handle it?