Maybe from the title, everyone can guess the content of this article, but it is not the word integrity that I will discuss, nor does it discuss the etymological definition or terms that I will discuss, and also not based on the current state of the government, which is now integrity only from words but from deeds, really far from integrity.

I just want to reflect on the meaning of this integrity from 10 Muslim muwashoffat, which we can see from the picture below

The first is a clean aqidah, where our faith is only in Allah SWT and this shows a form of our integrity, namely commitment and loyalty. If we are not loyal to our faith then we will definitely enter into people who associate partners with Allah SWT. And the effect of our disloyalty is the painful punishment of Allah SWT.

“Tell My servants that I am the Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. And that My punishment is a very painful one.” (Surat al-Hijr: 49-50)

Therefore, one form of our integrity to Allah SWT is to have a clean aqidah.

The second is true worship. here we are taught to do worship according to the rules that Allah has set and dance according to the example of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. what is the form of integrity of “true worship”? the answer is discipline, we learn to carry out all His commands and stay away from His prohibitions. we try not to add forms of worship or reduce it is one form of our integrity as Muslims. This is one form of our efforts to show ourselves as believers.

The third is a strong character, means we have to be people who have principles in accordance with the Qur’an and As-Sunnah, maybe this seems idealistic but this is where one form of integrity is being tested, maybe not just one but all forms of integrity are being tested, one of which is honesty, maybe many people have described integrity as a form of honesty even though honesty is a branch of integrity. However, this has already been discussed in the Qur’an

“O believers! Fear Allah and be you (live) with those who are honest.” (Surat At-Taubah :119)

Fourth is physical strength, this is a form of integrity in terms of responsibility, how we are responsible for the physical that Allah SWT has given us, and a test of gratitude for the gift of physical condition that Allah SWT has given, because when we do not take care of what Allah SWT has entrusted to us. us, then indirectly our attitude of integrity has faded.

Fifth is broad-minded, this is a form of our commitment and responsibility to the intelligence that Allah SWT has given and a form of test so that we can reflect that actually with broad insight we are trying to try our creator both from His creatures and from natural phenomena that occur such as The first word that Allah (swt) revealed was QS. Al-Alaq i.e. Read! which means not just reading but also taking knowledge from above what we pay attention to, think, etc.

Sixth is fighting lust is a form of our attitude of responsibility, when we can’t hold back or fight our passions, then the bad things we get when the lies in ourselves are bigger then the honesty becomes small and maybe we even feel that lying is not a big problem that’s one example where we are important to fight the air lust because when he is not a Muslim if he is a hypocrite.

The Messenger of Allah. said: “All of you should be honest, because verily honesty will lead to goodness, and verily that goodness will convey you to heaven. When someone is honest and masters the nature of honesty (continuously), then Allah sets him as an honest person. And once “Don’t tell lies, for verily lying leads you to various evils (sins) and indeed these various evils will lead you to hell. If someone is lying and continues to lie, then Allah will set him as a liar.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Seventh is good at keeping time one form of our discipline, when we are able to manage time, no matter how busy we are, then slowly the problems we face will be resolved and also show a form of our loyalty and we will become trustworthy people because time cannot return.

“Time is like a friend who is very hard on the outside but soft on the inside, when we use it well he will repay with good results, but when we waste it he acts very hard, even if we beg, he will not return the times. which we have done a lot of harm.”

The eighth is order in all affairs, it also exercises our discipline and shows our qualities to others. when we are regular in our affairs, there will be few people who we ignore their trust. And this can be a parameter of a Muslim’s SUCCESS, because when he is organized in his affairs, success will come by itself.

The ninth is independent from an economic point of view, this shows about the quality of a Muslim where a Muslim is required to be an independent figure, especially in terms of economy and this is one branch where our integrity is tested, lest the treasure we seek comes from a bad business because it will affect our other worship (perhaps this will be discussed further).

The tenth is beneficial to others, this is also where integrity can be measured where the quality of ourselves can be measured and what’s more is that the more we are useful to others, the quality of this self can increase and this can be a parameter about self-futurance, if this self often becomes useless it can be this self is future.

Without realizing it turns out that every Muslim muwashoffat helps us to practice our integrity, so we should be grateful as Muslims it turns out that Islam has taught it. Now it’s just how we are, will we immediately train ourselves to achieve this muwashoffat ready for all the consequences? or we will remain silent and only understand integrity by definition but not in real life.