There is something different about celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day this year. Held in The Hague, Netherlands, the celebration, named The Pride of the Indonesian Heritage, was organized by PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) together with the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands. The city of The Hague seems to have a special attachment to Indonesia, especially in terms of love for Indonesian culture.

In this series of events, The Pride of Indonesian Heritage, one of the events that was held was the exhibition of fashion products and Kampoeng BNI which took place on 21 – 22 August 2014 in the hall of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague. This exhibition is one of the means to support the creative industries of Kampoeng BNI fostered partners through the diaspora in the Netherlands and its surroundings (Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and others). Fostered partners have the opportunity to promote their superior products and increase their business prospects abroad.

Denny Wirawan

The focus of this exhibition is the work of two Indonesian designers, namely Denny Wirawan and Tuty Cholid. Both of them became fashion ambassadors to introduce the richness of Indonesian culture through their limited collections specifically made to support this event.

The wealth of Sumba weaving motifs was chosen by Denny as the material for his collection this time. Sumba weaving has unique exotic patterns and motifs, with shades of earth and sun colors, according to the original. Denny gave a high touch of taste with gold to highlight the weaving motif. The design lines are thick with the sharp, structured, and modern character of Denny.

Tuty Cholid

Meanwhile, Tuty Cholid raised batik which really cannot be missed when talking about Indonesia. Tuty created a very charming batik motif, so that it seemed light and unlike other traditional batik motifs. A touch of Indonesia that is very easily accepted by foreign tastes and tastes.

On this occasion, BNI also launched the Kampung BNI website for international trade purposes, and gave access to the international community to see firsthand Indonesian handicraft and fashion products, and direct access for consumers to contact the producers concerned.

Source: female daily