TUTORIAL BOSSIndonesian content blogs can register for Google Adsense and be accepted. Actually this is a question from visitors to this Blog. I am very grateful for the question friend. We can share with each other. Share experiences, share knowledge and share anything about blogs of course.

Indonesian content blogs can register for Google Adsense and be accepted

The title of this post is “Indonesian content blogs can register for Google Adsense and be accepted“. Our friend’s question has been answered, hasn’t it. Admittedly, it’s only been 2 years since the Indonesian Language Content Blog was received directly by Google Adsense, the meaning here is that if we manage a blog and its content (content) is in Indonesian, we can register it directly. as a Google Adsense publisher.

A long time ago, to get Google Adsense The first time I have to make a blog in English. And if accepted, you can place it on other blogs in any language, such as Indonesian Content. But now, we don’t need to be tired of making blogs with other foreign language content just because we want to get Google Adsense. Whatever your blog (only for Indonesia) and as long as it is in Indonesian, you can register with Google Adsense.

Though Indonesian Content Blogs Can Register for Google Adsense, is not an easy thing to accept. It’s not difficult either. What is important, the Blog Content does not violate the RULE or the rules set by Google Adsense. Not far away, Tutorial Boss Blog this is an example. I just register this blog to Google Adsense (although several times rejected hehehehe). You see, you can’t display Ads from Google.

That’s what Mas Bro can share first. Maybe other friends can help explain it more deeply. Welcome to give comments in the column provided. Greetings Bloggers and Congratulations on signing up for Google Adsense. God bless. Hope it is useful. [BT]