Illustration – Cultural Heritage Batik Exhibition VII Chairman of the Indonesian Batik Foundation (YBI) Ny. Jultin Ginandjar Kartasasmita looks at batik products at the VII Cultural Heritage Batik Exhibition at the Industrial Exhibition Plaza, Jakarta, September 30, 2014. (

Indonesia’s batik exports increased from 32 million US dollars in 2008 to 300 million US dollars in 2013.

“The largest batik export destinations are the United States, Germany and South Korea,” Panggah Susanto, Director General of Agro Industry at the Industry Ministry, said at the Industry Ministry, Jakarta, Tuesday.

He said that with the high interest in foreign markets, it is important to protect the intellectual work rights of craftsmen to ensure industrial and trade excellence.

“The (Industry) Ministry seeks to provide protection for batik artisans in providing facilities for granting brands, patents, trade secrets or industrial designs,” he said.

With this effort, he hopes that there will be no piracy by the Indonesian people themselves or by businessmen from other countries.

The builder of the Indonesian Batik Foundation, Dodi Supardi, said that Indonesian batik did not recognize batik printing, which is widely practiced by Indonesian textile entrepreneurs.

“There are only three original Indonesian batiks, namely hand-drawn batik, stamped batik and a combination of written and stamped batik,” he said.

To maintain the authenticity of Indonesian batik, he is trying to get printed batiks that are not from Indonesia to be written on the cloth that they are batik printing.

In addition, to distinguish written batik from others, his party strives for written batik to be labeled with gold ink, stamped batik with silver ink and a combination of writing and stamping with white ink.

Source: Antaranews