The human digestive system – As we all know, that one of the characteristics of living things is that they need to eat. Be it humans, animals or plants need food to be used as a source of energy as an effort to maintain survival. Every type of food eaten by every living thing will be broken down by the organs in the body to be used as nutrition and also nutrients that are needed by the body. This process is known as digestion.

At this time I will also review the study of the digestive system of food that occurs in the body of living things, especially in humans. So the study that I will discuss at this time is the digestive system of food in humans. Maybe you have often heard of food digestion, for that I will discuss this time so that you can better understand the digestive system of food in humans.

Human digestive system

Food is a source of energy for every living thing, especially for humans. All types of food that are put into the human mouth will be broken down into softer particles to serve as a source of nutrition or nutrients that the body needs. This process is called the digestion process. The digestive system actually does not only occur in the human body, but occurs in the body of every living thing that needs food. However, because currently what is being discussed is the digestive system in humans, therefore I will only review the digestive system that occurs in the human body.

The digestive system that is arranged in the body is the most complex system. The human digestive system itself starts from the mouth and ends at the drain. The organs that are included in the type of channel are: human digestive system is :

  1. mouth
  2. throat
  3. esophagus
  4. stomach
  5. small intestine
  6. colon
  7. pancreas
  8. sewer

Each of these organs will work according to their respective duties, in order to get the nutrients or nutrients needed by every human body.

Digestive system in humans

In the description above, it has been mentioned that eight organs are included in the channel digestive system in humans which includes the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas and gut. Before you know about the functions of these organs, it will be much better if you know about the understanding of the digestive system first.

The digestive system is a process in which food is converted into nutrients and nutrients needed by the body, by being broken down through the mouth and processed again by the stomach and distributed to all parts of the body that need it. The digestive system can also be interpreted as the process of breaking down complex food molecules to be converted into simpler molecules using enzymes obtained from the body.