With the longer time JHT money can be disbursed, it is very important for BPJS Employment participants to know How to Use the BPJSTK Mobile Application.
BPJS TK Mobile Application

Changes in the regulations for the disbursement of BPJS Employment/Jamsostek JHT money which have been in effect since July 1, 2015, from the previous 5 years of membership to 10 years, of course make BPJS TK participants have to wait even longer to be able to collect their JHT money.

For that, by using the BPJS TK Mobile application, we can directly control the development of our JHT money. We can check our JHT balance online anytime. We can find out the addresses of the nearest BPJS Employment offices in our area. We can find information on what programs are in BPJS TK, which stands for the Employment Social Security Organizing Agency. And various other benefits.

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For BPJS TK participants who use Android or iOS mobile phones every day, both participants who are still actively working, or those who have stopped working but have not met the requirements to take their JHT money, it would be nice to take advantage of this BPJSTK Mobile application. Its main function is to check the JHT balance at any time. Especially for participants who are no longer working, this is very important considering that they will no longer receive an annual JHT balance report slip from the company. The size of the application is also not large, only 4.68 MB, so it will not burden our smartphone memory.

But to be able to use this application we must have an email. So for those who don’t have an email, please create one first. If so, please download the application on the Play Store, AppStore or you can download it directly on the BPJS TK website at the address www.bpjsketenagakerjaan.go.id, after downloading, just install it on your gadget. I don’t think I need to give a step by step tutorial on how to download and install the BPJS TK Mobile application. Because it’s so easy. Just like downloading and installing other smartphone applications.

If the BPJSTK Mobile application has been successfully installed on your cellphone, prepare your KTP and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan/Jamsostek card to prepare for registration. The following are the steps for registering a BPJSTK Mobile application account.

1. Open the BPJS TK Mobile application that was installed earlier. On the first page, there will be an inscription of BPJS Employment Mobile ‘Bridge to Worker Welfare’. After a few seconds a page will appear TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Please read and understand first. If you have, put a check mark by touching the box image to the left of the words ‘I agree‘, then click ACCEPT.

How to Register for BPJS TK Mobile Application

2. Then on the page LOGIN, just click ‘New list‘. After that a page will appear ACTIVATION, enter our full name and email there. The name entered must match the name on the ID card and BPJS TK membership card. After that click SEND.

How to Register for BPJS TK Mobile Application

3. Later the BPJS Employment will send a PIN to our email. Please check your email inbox. If so, on the page CONFIRMATION, enter the PIN that we received via email, then click SEND.

4. Next page will appear CHANGE PIN. Please create a new PIN by entering numbers that are easy to remember. Then click SEND. This aims to change the PIN that was previously sent via email. The PIN sent via email is from the BPJS TK, while the new PIN is made by us and only we know.

5. Next page is MAIN SERVICE. On this page please click ‘JHT Service’. Then the page will appear JHT CHECK REGISTRATION. Enter our population data. Starting from the full name, date of birth, Social Security card number / BPJS TK, No. KTP and PIN that we have changed earlier. After that click SEND.

6. On the next page, a command to enter the mobile number will appear. Enter our active cellphone number. Because to that number, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan will send an SMS containing a PIN for activation. After receiving the SMS containing the PIN, on the page CONFIRMATION enter the PIN, then click SEND.

Thus all the registration process has been completed. After that, we can immediately use the BPJS TK Mobile application service to obtain various information about BPJS Employment by clicking on the features that have been provided.

The features or menus on the BPJSTK Mobile application are quite complete and very useful for BPJS TK participants. The menus include Check JHT Balance, Annual JHT ESaldo Service, Simulation of JHT Balance Calculation, JHT Program Information (Old Age Security), JKK Program Information (Work Accident Insurance), JKM Program Information (Death Security), BPJS Branch Office Information Employment throughout Indonesia, Contact Center and Social Media Links for the BPJS TK Mobile application.

With such complete features, BPJS Employment participants are advised to have this application. So immediately download the BPJSTK Mobile application and install it on your friends’ gadgets.

Just like that How to Use the BPJS TK Mobile Application. Sorry if there are mistakes and shortcomings. Hopefully this simple article is useful for anyone who needs it. Thank you.