How to Solve “XML parsing Error” When Editing Blogger Templates

MOMENT enter the script code, both HTML and JavaScript (JS), sometimes the blogger doesn’t want to SAVE and says this: “Error parsing XML, line XXXX, column XX: The reference to entity “max-results” must end with the ‘;’ delimiter.

What is the Indonesian of: ‘Error parsing XML, row XXXX column XX….”

Ever experienced? CB is often, CB likes to tamper with templates by disassembling the code in the template.

For example, before this post was written, CB entered the code′

Eh, Grandmother Blogger even says “parsing error….” and doesn’t want to save. What is wrong? Nothing but the moon is a code & which should be parsed to & (to be valid HTML).

So, after the code is changed to′

problem solved. Templates can be saved properly and correctly.

Btw, the code is a link for the menu per label, namely the SEO Tips label/category menu. If you want to install it in Menu Navigation, then just replace:

  1. blog address (
  2. Label name (Tips%20SEO) –if the label is one word, you don’t have to use it %20)
  3. Number of posts (5) which will be displayed when clicked.

If you experience other code, not like what CB experienced above, then the way is even easier, that is, just PARSE your HTML code first.

1. Open Online HTML Parsing Codes or Bloggercentral HTML Parse
2. Copy & Paste the code in the column provided
3. The Parsing result code will appear automatically
4. Copy & Paste the parsed HTML code into the template
5. Save!

Usually HTML Parse in Blogcrowds-HTML Parse, but CB checks the site. is no longer active.

Still error too? Really??!

Okay, that’s it for this post, who knows you are experiencing and that’s how to solve “XML parsing error” or “Error parsing XML…” when editing blogger templates. (*