COMMENT on your blog does not appear? Even though someone commented, right? Even the box or comment form (Comment Form) doesn’t exist?

It could be, the comments that don’t appear on your blog are because:

1. Setting “Posts and Comments” is not correct.

2. Comment box in “Blog Posts” is unchecked

3. Settings in “Post Settings” > “Options” when writing a post.

4. The code in the template is broken

5. Template error, problem, does not support comment box.

Here are some ways to fix the comment box not showing up on your blog.

#1 Setting “Posts & Comments”

1. Click the “Settings” menu on the Blog Dashboard
2. Click “Posts and Comments”
3. In the “Comment Location” section, select “Embedded”. Just check the following settings!

How to Fix Comments Not Appearing

#2. Settings in the “Blog Post” Widget

1. Click “Layout”
2. Click the “Edit” button in the “Blog Posts” widget.
3. Under “Post Page Options”, make sure the “Comments” box is checked!

How to Fix Comments Not Appearing

#3 Post Settings

Make sure your post’s setting allows/allows comments:
See the “Post Settings” section > Click “Options” > “Allow”. Like this:

allow blog post comments

#4. Google Plus Comments

It could be that the problem lies in another element, namely Google Plus Comments!
1. Click the “Google+” menu
2. Make sure the box next to “User Google+ Comment” is unchecked, like this:

uncheck the google plus comment

#5. Broken Template
It could also be that comments don’t appear because the blog template is damaged, there is a code removed, or the template doesn’t support it.

The best way is to re-install the template or CHANGE!

However, first try the following methods:

1. Templates > Edit HTML
2. Find this code:

3. Copy the following code below!

Other Ways to Generate Blog Comments:
1. Templates > Edit HTML
2. Find the following code:

3. Replace with this code:

Still can’t? Oh my Ghost!!!!

If all the methods above have been resolved, but the comments still don’t appear, and you don’t want to reinstall the template or don’t want to change the template, then try checking the code below. Usually this is in the default blogger template (Dynamic Template):

CHANGE number 0 with numbers 500. So it goes like this:

Wow… TOO…!!!

If comments don’t appear on the blog’s Static Page, follow these tips Spawning Comments on Static Pages. Good Luck! (*