Android is known to be vulnerable to virus or malware attacks that are inserted into its applications. This is not only because of the ease of making applications, but also the lack of strict requirements and application selection on the Google Play Store itself.

Using an antivirus could be a solution, but what if it turns out that the virus is embedded in the antivirus application?

Performing a factory reset is always referred to as a powerful way to get rid of viruses on Android. However, the risk is that all data and applications installed on Android will be lost. It can be installed again, but can you guarantee that the application does not carry a virus?

Here’s how to get rid of viruses on Android without using an antivirus.

1. Enter Safe Mode

Entering Safe Mode will allow your Android to operate more lightly because it only runs the core applications that the system brings. While in Safe Mode, all installed applications will be lost. But don’t worry, the application is not lost forever, only temporarily while in Safe Mode.

So, when in Safe Mode you can freely switch between application systems without problems, making it easier for you to check or clean unnecessary files, such as cache files.

2. Check the application in Safe Mode