CodeAds is a leading provider of online advertising solutions. They use the CPM (Cost Per Million) system and Banner Ads. Target CodeAds is a mix of personal homepages and special interest sites. The most distinguishing feature of the Internet is not technology or, branded portals. Instead, it is thousands of special-content web sites that allow a highly engaged loyal audience to pursue their passion. Often ad sources are ignored and replaced with high placement rates which are extremely rare.

Their goal is to work with a variety of partners, including those without an extensive programming background. they provide their partner with a cut-and-paste code that can be easily added to the partner’s site. And of course their support staff is always on stand-by if you need further assistance.

CodeAds is committed to a proactive support philosophy. This means that they not only provide the necessary assistance, but also that their support team is always looking for opportunities to improve their client experience. To better serve you, they gain a deep understanding of your business goals so they can help you exceed yours.

Website requirements for approval as a publisher on CodeAds:

There are no definite requirements to become a publisher on CodeAds. They will manually review each website publisher.

Payment Terms in CodeAds:

  • Minimum payout $10
  • Payment is made net 30
  • Payment will be made via paypal, check, wire

How to register on CodeAds:

  1. Login to site, Click here, and fill out the form.
  2. Enter your personal data, including email.
  3. Wait for your membership to be approved.
  4. You are ready to place ads on your site.