SOMETIMES there is a template that comments messages (comments message)-his is below Comment Box (Comments Box). The following tips are a guide change position or how to solve so that the comment message be on top comment box.

If the comment message is below the comment field, the message may not be read or read it later after visitors write comments.

If it is above the comment column, of course it will be read first by the commentator so that our message arrives and visitors will comment according to the “rules of the game” the blog admin commented on.

This is what the comment message looks like was below comment column:

  Message Comments Under the Comments Box

This is what the comment message looks like after repair, as can also be seen on the blog CB this.

  Message Comments Above the Comments Box

How to Overcome Comment Messages Under the Comment Box

1. Templates > Edit HTML
2. Find or Search (Ctrl+F) Code:

You will see a series of code as below: