Many Blogger friends ask about how to design a good blog, that’s why Yulia made this article.

First we start with Logo Design, for the next we will Design Blog, then Mix and match colors in the Template, also set the font color, background color, and layout.

Just adjust the color to your liking. If we have reached this stage, our creativity is also required.


We start with How to Create a Blog Logo.

Blog Logo Usually created by Bloggers at

It’s like this:

1. Click or Clickhere.

2. After the page appears, thenchoose

the type of logo/letter that we will make.

3. After clicking, the column will appear.

Then type the name of our blog,

like this :


4. Next set the size and color.

Size provided is 70.

For beautiful blogs, use size 135.

5. Use the Gradient variation,

so that our logo looks more beautiful.

Just Click and Choose.

Like this :


6. Also set the file format,just use PNG,

for a better picture.

7. Then Click Create Logo.


8. After the Logo appears,

then Click Download Image.


9. Done.

That’s the steps of how to make it.

There are many Beautiful Blog Logos, as an alternative if you are bored.

Stay adjusted with the colors from our Blog Template.

Until here, How to Create a Blog Logo Next, we will continue with How to Design a Blog.