How to make a banner on a blog

How to make a banner on a blog

How to make a banner on a blogTo make a banner (Banner Links) of course it is an easy thing for those who understand design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, Corel Draw etc. But for those who don’t know about these softwares, they must find it difficult. But don’t worry and don’t be discouraged, here I will show you an easy way to create a banner link without having to understand design software. Only by choosing and a little tinkering then you can later have a banner link that is quite interesting. Want to know how?

How to make it very easy, namely:

2. There will be immediately displayed various kinds of banners provided. You just choose the banner you like.

3. After that, a form will appear for setting up the banner that you have selected earlier. You can set the text, text color, background color, size, effect, etc.

4. If you feel it fits then click the button “Logo Rander”

5. Wait a moment until the rendering process is complete.

6. Then your banner will be ready immediately, you can take it by clicking the link “Download Images”. and save your banner.

7. Usually the banner file will be a gif file.

After you get the banner, the next step so that you can install the banner is by uploading the file to webhosting. You can upload it at there you will get link for your banner.

Good luck