MANY really bloggers who share tips on how to create, display, or install Recent Posts, Latest Posts, or Recent Posts/Posts in the blog sidebar.

How to Install SEO Friendly Recent Posts WidgetHowever, most use Javascript code which makes the blog appear slow (affecting loading speed).

Moreover, there are not a few Latest Posts codes inserted link, both hidden and overt links. (His name is also a business to get backlinks!)

The following tips are the best way to install the Latest Posts widget to reduce the “burden” of loading a blog, ie WITHOUT JavaScript, making it more SEO Friendly.

How to Install Recent Posts Widget Without Javascript

WAY #1

1. Layout > Add a Gadget > select “Feed”

2. Enter your blog address, click “Continue”, etc.

WAY #2

1. Layout > Add a Gadget > select “Feed”

2. Enter your blog’s RSS Feed address from Feedburner, click “Continue”, and so on.

The two methods above sometimes fail. Loading the Latest Posts list is taking too long, it doesn’t even appear on the sidebar. So, here is the best way to Install Recent Posts Widget Without Javascript:

WAY #3

1. Login to account Feedburner You. If you don’t have it yet, register it!
2. Click the “Publicize” menu

3. Click the “BuzzBoost” menu

Recent Posts Without Javascript

Recent Posts Without Javascript

4. Perform the settings as shown in the image below. Set the number of recent post titles to display. The rest are unchecked, leave it blank like this:

Recent Posts Without Javascript

5. Click “Save”
6. Copy the code that appears.

Switch to your Blog Dashboard.
1. Layout > Add a Gadget > select “HTML/JavaScript”.
2. Copy & Paste the code earlier.
3. Save!


Recent Posts from FeedBurner are guaranteed 100% working and of course more SEO Friendly because without Javascript, it is also safe from inserting links from other bloggers. If there is a Feedburner link, it’s even better because the blog is linked to a well-known site owned by Google. Good Luck! (*