How to Install or Create a Music Player/MP3 Song on Blog

How to Install MP3 Music/Song Player on Blog

INSTALL song player on the blog is not recommended. The reason is, he is not needed by the majority of visitors because they also have a collection of music/songs on their respective computers, they can also download the songs they like.

However, if you still “force” to install it, or if there is an MP3 file that will be inserted in a blog post or installed in the sidebar, here’s how to install an MP3 Music/Song Player on a Blog.

There are two main steps:
1. Create a Blog for Storing Songs/Music/MP3 Files on Google Sites.
2. Generate or Install the Music Player Code.


  1. Login to your Google/Blogger Account.
  2. open Google Site.
  3. Click “Create”
  4. Choose “Blank Template”
  5. Love Name
  6. Select “Create”
  7. Find and select the “Page Settings” menu
Next? Hmm… it’s a bit tricky. Please go straight to the scene. Just open this link”Embed MP3 in Blogger“.

Other Ways to Install Music/MP3 Song Player on Blog:

Here’s an example: Happy Rocking 🙂