How to Create a “Back to Top” Button on a Blogspot Blog pure CSS + HTML, Without jQuery!

How to Install Back to Top Blog Without jQuery

MOST tutorial on making a “Back to Top” button (Bact to Top button) using jQuery aka JavaScript. The effect, in addition to the “complicated” installation, is to slow down the loading of the blog.

Another impact if using jQuery is that there is a “conflict” or “conflict” between javascript, if you forget to delete one of the jqueries. The point is, not really!

CB also includes those who share about back to top using jQuery. Now these tips no longer apply! Replace with “Back to Top” code which is pure CSS+HTML, no JavaScript.

This “Back to Top” code is clearly SEO Friendly and arguably has no effect on loading the blog. That is, the blog is still loading fast, not slowed down by this “Back to Top” code.

Why is there “Back to Top” on the blog? This concerns UX alias User Experience. Make it easier for users to return to the top of the blog page without the need to scroll.

The “Back to Top” button is part of an effort to make our blog user friendly, making it comfortable and easy for visitors. That’s why this “back to top” button is one of the “trending” ones in website design and/or blog templates.

“Back to Top” Without jQuery
CB has also installed this button, without jQuery. This is the code, it’s already seo friendly and fast loads. How to install it also doesn’t have to go to template> edit HTML.

back to top “/>

The red one is the image link or the back to top icon. Replaceable. Look in the previous post.

1. Layout > Add a Gadget > select Javascript/HTML
2. Copy the code above in the content section.
3. Save! OK, ah…!!!

The following code is equally good and seo friendly. Without jQuery too. CB modif from the code shared by the blog MS2. The installation method is a bit complicated, but the results are more whoosh!!! It’s faster because it doesn’t have an image url.

1. Templates > Edit HTML
2. Copy the following code just above the code (see the very bottom template section!)“>CB

Notes! Change with your blog address.

3. Save Templates!

That’s two two “back to top” button codes (back to top button) seo friendly & fast loasing, pure CSS+HTML without javascript –user friendly & safe for loading blogs! Good Luck!