First, let me tell you what the function of apt-fast is?
actually its function is almost the same as apt-get. but apt-fast is faster because it uses axel,
Axel itself is a download accelerator on Linux.

okay here are the steps to install apt-fast on kali linx

1. first download the script first in HERE
2. then go to the downloads folder then we change the file to apt-fast

cd downloads
mv apt-fast

3. after changing the name, the next step is to move the file to /usr/bin/

mv apt-fast /usr/bin

4. Change the permissions of the apt-fast file so that it can be executed later

chmod +x /usr/bin/apt-fast

5. The last step is to install axel

Well, if the steps above have been done correctly. Now try to use apt-fast in the same way when using apt-get , for example this 😀

okay … until here the tutorial this time, hopefully useful 🙂