Lombok is now a destination for tourists who want to enjoy a vacation other than Bali. There are 5 fun ways for a vacation in Lombok to feel good.

Lombok is indeed not as popular as Bali in any case, both in terms of infrastructure, as well as urban facilities and infrastructure. Including tourism management. But if you want to find an alternative destination to Lombok, then a vacation is one of the best choices.

There are some interesting things that you may not get anywhere else, including Bali. The island is relatively small, allowing you to explore it in one visit, which allows you to plan carefully.

Lombok Tourism

Before the visit it is a good idea to determine how long your visit will be. Ideally at least 2 days is enough to explore Lombok Island. Here are some tips that you may find especially useful for first-time visitors.
First determine the budget for the cost of lodging. Senggigi Lombok, in particular, is a prime destination with a variety of accommodations available, ranging from budget hotels to Star Hotels. For the middle class (Star III) Graha Beach Senggigi Hotel is one of the recommended ones.

Here you can also choose a tour package according to your wishes. The location is strategic because it is in the middle of the Senggigi beach area. Here are also the best places to enjoy the sunset. The hotel also provides a meeting point at the airport free of charge.
When you arrive in Lombok in the afternoon, you better wait for the next day for the tour. You have to rest first while enjoying the beach atmosphere and waiting for the sun to set.

  • Visit Gili Trawangan

There are actually three islands to visit, Gili Meno, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan respectively. But the biggest, most strategic and crowded is Gili Trawangan.

On this island, you can dive, snorkel, sunbathe, or just hang out to enjoy the high noon sun on the sparkling white sand. If you enter the local category, the sun is not recommended.

To get to Gili Trawangan, we have to take a boat / ketinting, with travel time depending on weather conditions, usually less than 30 minutes. On the way to using this ketinting adrenaline will also be boosted, especially at times when the weather conditions are not friendly.

You can also explore the island by bicycle or cidomo, is about 1 hour. Gili Trawangan Beach is about 9 km.

Do you know what Cidomo is yet?

Transportation is typical Cidomo Lombok. The group’s own Cidomo is Cikar-Gig-a Mobil, because it is a mixture of three means of transportation.

On Gili Trawangan also provides hotels with various classes, it is only that most of the water is brackish (between salt and fresh). Only a few hotels provide fresh water. If you are looking for serenity, vacation with your family, let alone bringing kids, then it’s not a must stay on the island. Because at night, “real life” will be seen on the island.

Preferably before 16.00: You must leave the island, because usually the later in the afternoon the waves are getting bigger. If we choose a place written by our customers after their stay around Senggigi Beach, the road is reversed, then we can pass through the monkey forest, where we can stop by to hang out with our relatives. Don’t forget to bring food, because it will be a fun gift for them. Get here on the first day of the finished tour.

  • Don’t forget the Senaru and Sembalun areas

Sembalun area, or I prefer to call it The Sembalun area, is a village located at the foot of Mount Rinjani. The main goal when we visit this area is to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Mount Rinjani.

From the Sembalun valley area we can enjoy the towering Summit “Courage” Rinjani. We can also enjoy the view of the plantations scattered on the beautiful mountain slopes. Its quite a challenge indeed, but it will all be paid for by the natural beauty of the mountains that are present. At the sanctuary, you can also enjoy Baso’s “chilled area” as it is in Bromo (when you are already there).

After that, we will pass Senaru village, still inside the Mount Rinjani conservation park area. Here we stop relaxing, eliminate hunger and thirst, and enjoy the Sendang Gile waterfall from the restaurants scattered on either side of the road. Senaru is also one of the main points of climbing to Rinjani Peak or Segara Anak Lake.

From here Take your time to go down to Sendang Gile waterfall, you only need to pay $5,000 as token entry.

There are actually two waterfalls we can go through this route, another one is Tiu Kelep. Since Tiu Kelep Waterfall is relatively recently discovered. by +Jahet Bungas