MANY bloggers who write, present, or display “original” posts on their blogs. Lack of attention to the “rules of the game” for displaying text scripts on the internet (online media).

As a result, the writing or posting is “stacked”, it is not easy to read, it makes dizzy eyes, alias not user friendly.

How to Display Posts on a Good & User Friendly BlogThis post is just an “affirmation” of the previous post: Good Blog Post Format.

Here are the rules for displaying good writing (scripts) on the internet, websites, or blogs:

1. No Indent

There is no indented sentence beginning. Look at the picture above. There is no bending or protruding like newspaper news or scientific papers and official letters.

Usually, if there are posts that use indents, it is COPAS college assignments, papers, or copy-pastes from MS Word. Including one of the characteristics of “amateur blogger” aka “newbie”. It will be difficult for Google Adsense to accept it!

This is an example of a written script that is bent inward. This is the display of print media, newspapers, or books, as well as the display of scientific works/papers. Not suitable for blogs or websites.

indent bend in

2. Align Left

use Left Align to make it easier to scan. Look at the picture above. The script on the right is easier to read than the one on the left. (Please see: Best Way to Align Text on The Web).

Left-aligned script display can be set in the template. Just look for the code “text-align:justify;” and replace with “text-align:left;“.

3. Short Paragraph

Use short paragraphs. Ideally, a maximum of 5 lines per paragraph. The results showed that short paragraphs were easier to scan and read.

Long paragraphs, especially “stacked”, are difficult to read and not user friendly. As a result, visitors will not return because the appearance of the script on the blog is not readable.

Take a look at this best example of the presentation of written scripts on BBC Indonesia. Nice right? There are even paragraphs that are just one sentence! Compare with the posts on your blog 🙂

Good Blog Posts

4. White Space

There are spaces between paragraphs, like the script on the BBC above. This “white space” between paragraphs is very important for the comfort of the user’s eyes. Manuscripts are easy to scan (scannable) and of course user friendly.

5. Highlights

Make sure there is a variety of letters thick (bold), italic (italic), warna, “quoted”, especially if the script / writing is long.

6. Bullets & Numbering

Post manuscripts in the form of tips, tutorials, or guides are better presented in the form of bullets and numbering.

bullets and numbering
As a reference, please see how to write the best on a website or blog at NN Group.

Does the writing on your blog meet the criteria above? If not, please edit. If you feel lazy to edit, and feel it’s okay, go ahead…. It’s not a criminal offence! The criminals are criminals who should be sentenced to death. #SaveKPK !!! (*