Blog Post Labels Under Post Titles

POP UP, create, or display Post Labels (Post Categories) blogs under the title of the post is recommended by Google.

Blogger’s dashboard settings and default templates also provide label codes to appear under the title, generally after by line “Posted by..” or “Posted by…”

Usually, the order is as follows: Author Name, Post Date, Labels, and Comments, as: Posted by Admin on January 2, 2015 in SEO Tips with 0 Comments.

Displaying Labels in posts makes it easier for visitors to recognize the context of the article, as well as being an “internal link” that makes it easier for readers to open other posts in the category (topic, theme) of the same article.

Google also recommends using labels: Label your posts!

How to Display Blog Post Labels Under Post Titles

1. Make sure each of your writing is labeled. When creating a post, look to the right, there is “Post Settings” as follows:

Blog Post Labels

If this field is not filled, then your post will automatically become “Unlabelled” or “Uncategorized” and that’s not good for seo posts.

2. Check the “Labels” box. Click “Layout > Blog Posts > Edit > check the “Labels:” box as shown below:

Blog Post Labels Under Post Titles

If the method above can’t bring up Labels under the title of the article, that means the blog template doesn’t support it! So, take the following steps:

1. Click “Template” “Edit HTML” find (Ctrl+F) code
2. Copy + Paste the following code above it:

3. Also copy the following code above the code ]]>

.post-label {float:left;font-size:12px;color:#555}
.post-label a {color:#111text-decoration:none;}
.post-label a {text-decoration:undeline;}

4. Save Templates!

OK…. Labels (supposedly) have appeared alias appear under the post title.


If you are a New Johny Wuss V1 & V2 user, then you can use the code used by CB below to display Labels. It’s below the code

like this:

Posted by Your name

That’s how to bring up post labels under the title to make it more seo and user friendly. Good Luck!